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Bmw M5x/S5x DCT medium mass flywheel for S55 and S65

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With shipment DHL Paket (4-35kg) for 120,00 kr
Pris 7.250,00 kr
Moms: 1.450,00 kr


Our Bmw M5x / S5x DCT medium mass billet flywheels for dct gearbox from S55.
These are highend premium quality flywheels 100% made in Sweden. All flywheels are balanced and QC to perfection. Spline hubs are shot peened for strenght and fatigue properties. All splines are precision wire edm'd and are 100% oem tolerance.
These are for those looking for premium quality products that works. Premium highend billet flywheel.
We recommend using our high strenght flywheel bolts that are made to perfectly guide in hub and dct flywheel for a perfect fit. These are also available for our drifting flywheels for ZF Motorsport clutches. They have a rage from 200.000 psi to 290.000 psi.
You will find these bolts under the brand "Dynotech Racing Fasteners"
* Made in Europe, Sweden
* QC checked
* Runout tested
* Zero Balanced lower than ISO standards.
* European CrMo Steel
* Machined ringgear no runout, handle high rpms
* 100% correct spline profile compared to others on the market
* Premium product can not be compared to lower end stuff out there


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