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Dacia Logan JH3 dogbox kit

With shipment DHL Paket (4-35kg) for 120,00 kr
Pris 45.886,50 kr
Moms: 9.177,30 kr
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This gear kit is designed for Dacia Logan JH3 gearbox. It is homologated to N group and mostly used in rally. It also can be used in circuit, drag race, rally cross, hill climb, street racing and similar.

• New type straight cut and special profile teeth for minimum rolling resistance and maximum strength.
• Special design 5 dogs to make gear shifting on high revs easy and smooth.
• All selectors, shifting fingers, protections, forks, rods are made from billet steel for maximum reliability.

Gearbox Ratios
Gear Gearset Ratios Final Drive Nr Final Drives
1 2,417 1 4,833
2 1,733 2 5,091
3 1,375 3 5,250
4 1,130    
5 0,957    



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