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Samsonas RS90

Här är Samsonas nya sekvenslåda RS90

Den nya RS90 gör en stadig låda ännu stadigare. Längre axelavstånd, bredare drev och dogringar gör en kraftig låda ännu kraftigare. Målgrupp Drifting/Drag.

New evolution of RWDS gearbox.
As a modern drift/drag cars have big power and big grip, we developed special sequential gearbox for these needs.
RWDS has 85mm between axles. RS90 will have 90mm.
RWDS has 20mm wide gears. RS90 will have 24mm.
RWDS has 6.5mm wide dogring. RS90 will have 8.5mm
RS90 will be available in 4 or 5 gears.
RWDS was one of the strongest gearboxes on the planet.
RS90 will be simply the best.


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